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Arthur Monroe is a supporting character in Bunnicula. He is Mina's father. 


Arthur and his daughter, Mina moved to New Orleans from Middle America after Marie Monroe left Orlock Apartments to them.

In various episodes, he has served as a landlord, collected rent from Mr. Molesbee and in The Juicy Problem he works on Molesbee's plumbing.


Arthur usually wears a nice dress shirt with the sleeves rolled back past his elbows, brown pants, and black shoes. His eyes are rarely seen and usually, his mouth his just shown. In some episodes, when his eyes are seen, his eyes are brown, but his nose and mouth are covered - As a matter of fact, Arthur's face is never entirely seen. His hair is brown.


Arthur is very bumbling, but deeply devoted and caring towards Mina. He sometimes gets lonely because he doesn't have a wife. His catchphrase is "Only in America!"



Mina Monroe

Mina seems to look up to her father despite times she thinks he's a tad weird even for her tastes... in fact, she knows her dad means well and goes along with his otherwise questionable suggestions. In a similar way, Arthur loves Mina as much as any father would love a young teenage daughter, though his tendancy to do the heavy lifting often leaves him hoping his "little girl" would help him carry the load albeit in vain.

Marie Monroe

Marie is Arthur’s aunt it is unknown what kind of relationship they had but the fact that Marie had left him her apartment building suggested she trusted him to take care of it.



Arthur is extremely friendly and loving towards Bunnicula when everything is seemingly normal (and by "seemingly", one means he is blissfully ignorant to the messes and guests the vampire rabbit brings into the house unless the damage involves large holes in the roof and/or his favorite vase being put in the wrong spot), but there are exceptions to the rule, such as when Bunnicula got (accidently) framed for raiding the fridge empty, thus leading Arthur to put the bunny in an escape-proof cage he found in the cellar. None the less, Arthur is oblivious to the fact that the rabbit is a vampire, and saying hello to Bunnicula with a smile on his face was the rare moment when the guy's entire face was revealed.


These two don't seem to interact much, save for when Arthur gives an occasional petting on Chester's back. As Chester once said about Arthur: "The guy isn't all that interesting... except when he is." In other words, the family cat usually just ignores the guy except when he does something extremely disturbing, like the time Arthur got the idea of grounding Mina for her shortcomings from a book he got from a giant talking snake that was visiting Bunnicula in the cellar.


Arthur tends to see Harold as his favorite pet, for while he may inflict strict punishment on anyone else in the family-- if his oblivious mind ever notices a reason to punish-- Harold is easily forgiven with treats and belly rubs. To that end, Harold is extremely happy to be man's best friend, but is seemingly oblivious to what the meaning of the word "punishment" really is.


Patches the Weredude

Arthur had given Patches his friendship as well as room and board in Orlock Apartments in room number 56 from the moment they first met, totally convinced that Patches was a "pet psychic" and oblivious to his true nature as a weredude.

Love Interests

Wren Trilinquist

Both being single, Arthur and Wren almost got married while under a spell from a cursed ventriloquist dummy that makes puppets out of people in "Dating for Dummies", but once the spell is lifted Arthur try to make a move on her though Wren freaked out. Having no memory of him, Wren told him they need to start out as "friends". Arthur subsequently was sad to watch Wren leave.


Barbara is the mother of Becky. She is object of Arthur's affections, something that she seems aware of or tries to ignore. Arthur makes his attraction to her now by repeatedly flirting with her but she rebuffed him. It is shown Barbara doesn't seem interested in him but doesn't dislike him, as she laughed at one of his jokes that she didn't get until at home.


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Episode Appearances


  • In Family Portrait, his name is Arthur is said by Becky.
  • It is unknown if Arthur is widowed or if the mother walked out on him and Mina. 
  • In the books, Arthur's name was "Robert".
  • Despite having an established name, the end credits list him as “Mina's Dad”, similar to how in Grim & Evil, Billy’s parents are credited as “Billy’s Mom and Dad” instead of their names (Harold and Gladys, respectively).
  • He is first human to be voiced by Chris Kattan, voice of Bunnicula, main character of TV Show.
  • His full face is shown in Oh Brother!.
  • He is known for taking up all sorts of wacky hobbies to get in touch with his "creative side", such as beekeeping in Uninvited and making strange houses of cards in Area Fifty Bun. In the episode Hiccup in Smoke, his list of attempts at finding a new hobby includes: knitting (made mittens for Mina and a ridiculously long scarf), yodeling, juggling (not good at that), break dancing (not good at that), archery (epic fail), pickling (he put his phone, his watch, and a comb in pickle jars), and finger painting (he was confused with that one, as he thought that meant painting his own fingers with nail polish instead of using his fingers to paint a picture on paper... even though he created a perfect landscape painting on the nail of his pinkie finger, he claimed that particular hobby was "a real let down"). Another hobby he attempted to do in Hiccup in Smoke was playing the piano, but he clearly didn't know how a piano works and thus ended up sounding terrible before the piano fell down the stairs and was destroyed much to his disappointment.
  • Second only to when Mina was born, the proudest and happiest moment of Arthur's life was when he won first place in a contest for making sculptures out of mayonnaise.


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