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Boomerang is an American television network that launched on April 1, 2000, and a sister channel of Cartoon Network. The channel is one of the networks that airs Bunnicula.

Bunnicula began airing on Boomerang on February 6, 2016, and the network simulcast new episodes of it with Cartoon Network. The last new episode to air on Cartoon Network was "Squeaky Doom", which aired on March 12, 2016, and the series went on hiatus before moving to Boomerang. Boomerang later burned off all of the episodes from "Son of Bunnicula" to "Scaraoke" on March 28, 2017 and May 30, 2017. Bunnicula was then pulled abruptly from Boomerang's schedule in May 2017. Beginning with "Bearshee", episodes was released on Boomerang's streaming app, starting on September 28, 2017. Boomerang then aired the released episodes starting on November 6, 2017, and premiered the last episode of Season 1 and the first 12 episodes of Season 2 from November 14 to November 23, 2017. The next episodes of season 2 began airing on Boomerang on March 8, 2018, with the most recent episode airing being "Bunn on a Plane", which aired on March 10, 2018.