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This is the article for the TV Series. Were you looking for the character, Bunnicula?

Bunnicula is an American animated television series from Warner Bros. Animation developed by Jessica Borutski and Maxwell Atoms. It was broadcastes on Cartoon Network and Boomerang on February 6, 2016 and is based on the children's book series by James Howe, who serves as executive producer. The show will end after it's third season. 


Based on the children's book series by James Howe, the series is about a vampire rabbit named Bunnicula, who has been freed from his coffin by Mina Monroe, a 13-year-old girl, who has moved to New Orleans with her father and her pets, Harold and Chester. Unlike other vampires, Bunnicula drains vegetables and uses their juice to get special abilities. The only people who know of Bunnicula's heritage are Harold and Chester, and thanks to Bunnicula, they're always faced with supernatural conundrums only he can solve.





  • It is rated TVY7 FV for fantasy violence.
  • This is Maxwell Atoms' fourth series for Cartoon Network. The others being Grim & Evil, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and Evil Con Carne.
  • Chester, Bunnicula, and Harold are the only characters from the book to return in the series.
  • The show originally aired on Cartoon Network, but due to Teen Titans GO! taking up all the slots, it was put on hiatus, and is now exclusive to Teletoon and Boomerang's streaming service.