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Evil 80's Mouse is the ghost of a mouse that died after being crushed to death while fleeing from cats.


When he was alive, he once a normal mouse who got chased by two cats but escaped when cats drove him into a VCR, which he made into safe haven. He died after he was crushed to death by a video tape (off-screen) put in by humans. Subsequently, his spirit became trapped inside the tape for over 35 years, much to his dismay.

Years later, his spirit hypnotized Chester into becoming his slave to make cats and humans pay for what they did to him. Luckily, Bunnicula noticed the change in his friend and confronted the mouse who was shocked to be spotted by the vampire bunny. The mouse revealed his origins and had Chester attack Bunnicula but the latter avoided the cat, as the mouse was surprised to see Bunnicula's powers and instead ordered Chester to attack Mina. Unfortunately, Chester snapped out of his brainwashing and the mouse was shocked at this but stated he would continue haunting until Chester ejected and destroyed the VHS, thereby, freeing the mouse from his prison.

His spirit emerged from the tape, the ghost mouse was happy to finally be released and feeling bad for the trouble that he had caused the pets, he apologized for his actions before he moved on to the afterlife.[1]


He was a gray mouse with an earring and wore red jacket with black fingerless gloves.

After being freed from the tape, he became a standard ghost and was missing his legs.


Not much is known of his traits while alive, but what is known that he had a bad reputation with cats, only relaxing when running in the VCR.

When he died and his spirit was trapped, he was horrified to learn of his fate. His hatred for cats remained, as he hypnotized Chester and humiliated the cat with several acts and took joy in it. After he was discovered by Bunnicula, he tried to have Chester attack him, only to learn that there were other supernatural beings like him.

Once he was freed from his prison, the ghost mouse was happy and felt remorse for his vile deeds. He sincerely apologized to the pets for the trouble his actions caused them, showing he was not truly evil.

Episode Appearances


  • He also spoke with stereotypical 80's lingo.


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