The Ghosts are minor characters of Bunnicula.




Many of the ghosts have been shown to have various personalities that define them.

Most of them seem to retain their traits from life while some of them behave mischievous from their time as spirits, such as Evil 80's Mouse and Lil Capone but become peaceful after finishing their unsolved business or being freed of their prison. Also, it is possible for some to be violent such as Renée Acoutrément who was angry at her recipe being ruined until she was calmed after seeing that it wasn't and she went away peacefully.

It was shown that once a ghost is allowed to move on, after accomplishing their business that they will be happy as they head for the final place in the afterlife. However, it is shown that some of them can return on their free will such as Lil Capone who moved on but seemed to come back for no reason.

Known Ghosts



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