Lil Capone is a minor character of Bunnicla.


Years ago, Lil Capone was once the beloved puppy of a gangster, who told him that he was going to meet with his boss who he thinks has forgiven him for losing money. The owner promised that they would play when he returned but his master never came home and Lil Capone died after the event.

Due to his master having promised that when he got back they would play, Lil Capone's soul was unable to move on after he died and haunted his doghouse ever since.

Eventually, when Chester, Harold, and Bunnicula spend the night in his doghouse. After playfully haunting them for a while, he shows his past to Chester who understands that all he wants is to have fun. Once regrouping with the others, Bunnicula plays with Lil Capone and having the ghost pup finally had his fun, Lil Capone was satisfied and able to move on to the afterlife though did make a vague remark that Harold noticed. His moving on caused his doghouse to vanish with him.[1]

Despite moving on, he is seen at Orlock Apartments playing cards with Bunnicula and other monsters. However, when Agent 51 planned to steal Bunnicula to prove supernatural is real, Lil Capone and the other monsters were going to scare Agent 51. They were instead put off by his crying about his lost pet and felt sorry for him, leaving without him noticing their presence at all. [2]

He is seen with other monsters (Cassandra, Siobhan, Knight Owl, Rusty, Giant Cockroach, Hideous Thing, Bat Monster & Minotaur) need Bunnicula's help to stop Bunnicula's younger brother from stealing the powers of supernatural beings.[3]


He is a purple ghost puppy with spots on his head.


Despite being a gangster's former pet, Lil Capone is very friendly and playful, most likely because his owner showed kindness to him. Lil Capone is only hostile when he wants to be played with, though he is more mischievous in these moments.

After finally getting his wish, he was satisfied and thanked the pets for letting him have fun. He seemed to have found peace but for some reason, his ghost still exists.


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  • Based on his owner's final words, it is implied that his owner was killed by his boss for failing him, explaining why he didn't return home.
  • He was the second deceased animal to move on after getting something he wanted after Evil 80's Mouse.


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