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Lugosi is a supporting character of the Bunnicula. He is a crazed Guinea pig who serves as Bunnicula's servant. He now lives with Marsha.


Lugosi has worshipped Bunnicula for quite some time and traveled across the globe in hopes of finding him and becoming his faithful, devoted servant. Since then, Lugosi has become an ally towards Bunnicula on his adventures.

Lugosi claimed to have been a lab animal at one time, which might be the background story of his insanity.


Lugosi is a brown and white Guinea pig who is cross eyed, and has green sclera.


Lugosi is worships the very ground that Bunnicula walks on, and will do anything to please his "master", and shuns anybody who isn’t devoted or loyal towards Bunnicula. Unfortunately, he is also completely insane and prone to various outbursts that leave others uncomfortable.



Bunnicula enjoys being the "master" of Lugosi and all the perks that come with it, but he finds the Guinea pig to be rather crazy even by his own twisted standards. This often leads Bunnicula to either ignoring Lugosi or just plain telling him off, even when going through suggestions that are actually helpful (ex. using bean juice as a mystical sunblock so "Master" doesn't turn to ashes at the beach). Every once in a while, Lugosi tells Bunnicula off, albeit in vain (ex. Bunnicula prefers eating said beans instead, despite Lugosi warning him over and over that the resulting flatulence isn't healthy). However, in Iron Bunn, he ordered Chester to attack him but after mistaking him for an imposter but felt bad when it was him.


In Lugosi's eyes, Chester isn't worthy of so much as being around Bunnicula, especially since the cat refuses to be anyone's servant, thus prompting the events of "Hole of the Unworthy". After "Master" convinces him that Chester has worth in other ways, Lugosi pulls him back out of the hole and gives that cat a chance (much to Chester's reluctance on account of what he saw down there, but he eventually got over it). Since then, however, there had been some underlying tension in Lugosi around Chester, thus prompting the catchphrase: "Silence, cat!" However in Iron Bunn, Lugiosi transformed him and brainwashed him while ordering Chester to attack Harold and Bunnicula.


Unlike Chester, he does not bear any ill will to him because he recognize Bunnicula's amazing powers.


Even though Lugosi prefers his "master's" presence, he and Martha share an almost healthy pet-owner relationship to the point he doesn't mind living with her despite the fact she mistakenly gave him the girl's name of Rhonda after getting his gender wrong.


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Episode Appearances


  • In On Mina's Secret Service, he becomes Marsha's new pet, who starts calling him, "Rhonda" because she thinks he's a girl.
  • Lugosi's name comes from horror actor Bela Lugosi, famous for his iconic portrayal of Dracula. 
  • He claimed to be a laboratory animal at one time, indicating that his behavior might be a byproduct of being "raised" by a mad scientist. However, his dislike of Chester's scientific approach combined with a preference for wizardry and/or dark magic shows his insanity had been caused by a twisted and abusive background. 


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