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This is about the Main Character. For the future version of Mina, see Future Mina.

Mina Monroe is one of the main characters of Bunnicula.


When Mina was young, she had an imaginary friend named Hamburger Cheese and would do everything together with him. One year, she got a puppy named Harold for her birthday[3] and found a kitten named Chester all alone and scared[4]. Then she took them in and lived a happy life with them and her dad.

At some point in her teen years, Mina moved to New Orleans with her dad in the Orlock Apartments that her late Aunt Marie left them. She freed a vampire rabbit named Bunnicula from his prison in the basement with a key that was given to her by Marie. Mina and Bunnicula fell in love and he became the newest addition to the Monroe family. However, Mina was not aware about Bunnicula's vampire heritage and her pets know it's better off that way.


Mina has red and brown hair with tan skin, she also has two earrings, and buck teeth. She wears a purple t-shirt with a whitish pink around the body. She wears blue shorts over grey tights with white socks and black Converse high-top basketball sneakers.

She's also been known to wear a purple hoodie with blue shorts and purple socks.

At night, she wears a blue nightshirt.

Her eyes and skin tone suggest a possible Asian lineage.


Despite her punk sense of style, Mina's actually very perky, kind, and energetic. She loves her pets very much, and she always has a curious attitude.

Though sometimes, Mina can be ignorant and she's always oblivious to the supernatural events that happen in the mansion, even when they're right under her nose. To this end, she's unaware of Bunnicula's status as a vampire or the other abnormal things that occur with her pets. Recently, she's slowly caught wind of things and she's becoming suspicious of surroundings. After she witnesses Bunnicula's vampire manners, she finally caught on, but rather than reject him, and she accepted her pet with open arms.

She appears to have a shy side, as she was worried when she sent a flirty emoji to her crush Scott Dingleman and thought he might get the wrong idea, not knowing that he likes her as well.



Arthur Monroe

Mina and her father have a typical father-daughter relationship, as Arthur always wants to spend time with his daughter and Mina always tries to cheer up her father when he's sad and lonely.

Typically though, Mina gets annoyed with her father's eccentric and quirky ways. Despite that, she loves her father and often supports him in his endeavors as he does the same to her.

Marie Monroe

Marie is Mina's great aunt, it is unknown if the pair were close. After her death, Marie left Mina the special key. Mina later used this key to unlock the chest containing Bunnicula.

During Squeaky Doom, Mina reveals her Aunt Marie told her stories showing that Mina has some fond memories of her.



When Mina rescued Bunnicula from his prison in the basement, the two fell madly in love and became the best of friends. However, Mina was unaware of Bunnicula's powers and thought that he just looked like a vampire (which's how Bunnicula got his name though this was already his name). Out of all the pets Mina has, she seems to be closest to Bunnicula and loves him the most. Mina usually shows Bunnicula her love by hugging him, nuzzling her nose with him, or kissing his furry lips.

Bunnicula also would do anything to protect Mina and keep her from harm, without revealing his dark secret. Recently, Mina's slowly becoming suspicious of him and recognizing his powers. In Oh Brother!, she accidentally spots his bat wings and him draining a carrot. Then she finally learns his secret, but she accepts her pet regardless.

It is revealed in the future that the pair will be supernatural hunters together.


Mina loves Chester very much and sometimes she dresses him up in human clothes just for fun. Before Bunnicula came into the picture, he, and Mina were very close. However, that doesn't stop Mina from loving Chester and looking out for him.

At some point in the future, she'll learn to understand and communicate with Chester as an adult.


Mina's very loving and kind towards Harold, and she always likes to give him belly rubs and play fetch with him.

At some point in the future, she'll learn to understand and communicate with Harold as an adult.



Becky's one of Mina's best friends. Mina's deeply devoted to Becky, and usually she tries to keep their friendship, which's usually somewhat difficult, given their opposite personality traits.


Marsha's another one of Mina's best friends. Due to Marsha's shyness and timidity, Mina and Becky sometimes pick on Marsha, and they don't really seem to have much respect for her, but they love her just the same. Mina's usually seen hanging out with Marsha the most out of all her friends. Marsha's the smartest of the three and the most interested in doing their homework assignments properly.


Mina met Russell at the Farmer's Market, unknown to her, he was actually cursed to be a Brussels Sprout human. Russell believed she could help him lift the curse and tried to convince her to eat a Brussels sprout but she didn't. With Bunnicula, Chester, and Harold's help, Mina ate a Brussel sprout and Russell was transformed back into a human. Happy to be normal again, he thanked the pets for their help and told them to tell Mina to come to the market to see him again.[5]

Love Interest

Scott Dingleman

Mina and Scott seem to be good friends, it was shown that Mina has a crush on Scott and likes his pancake shirt.

In Dreamcatcher, Mina once thought that Becky liked him as well, but in the end, Becky revealed that she didn't.

During Bunnicumoji, she was worried when she accidentally sent a flirty emoji to Scott and thought he might get the wrong idea, not knowing that he likes her as well. Fortunately, Bunnicula was able to save her from possible embarrassment.

In Scott Free, Mina was amused by Scott's habits and laughed at his antics while Becky and Marsha were annoyed. After Scott's memory was erased and became more intelligent because of the pets, Mina was upset at losing her goofball friend who no longer partook in her acts. In the end, Bunnicula ultimately restored him for Mina's sake, as she was overjoyed he was back.


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Episode Appearances


  • Mina's name is a reference to Mina Harker, the main character of Dracula.
    • Based on her Asian lineage and her name, it is possible that Mina is of Japanese or Korean origin, since the name Mina is more common in Japan and South Korea (Mina in Japanese: 美奈 or ミナ/Mina in Korean: 미나).
  • Mina's mother is never seen or mentioned. Based on Arthur's loneliness, it would seem that Mina's mother is no longer a part of their life, for whatever reason.
  • Mina is exclusive to the TV show, whereas in the books, she is a boy named Toby Monroe.
  • In Family Portrait, she is revealed to be 13 years old.
  • Mina love horror movies and art.
  • According to Jessica Borutski, her last name is “Monroe”, just like the family from the books.
  • Her birthday is October 13.
  • Despite liking to cook, Mina is terrible at it.
  • Sometime in the future, Mina will find out about Bunnicula’s monster heritage, understand her pets, gain knowledge and skills in magic.
    • This fact ends up occurring in the episode Oh Brother!, when Mina finally finds out about the vampire nature of Bunnicula.


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