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Chester Oh, boy. Ugh, here we go. (Groaning) Ugh. That's it. I can do it this. I did it! No one messes with this guy. Now just gotta to put the paper over, like so. A-ha! - (Yowling)
Harold Boo! (Laughing)
Chester Huh? Ah! Get it off! There's a giant cockroach in my hair!
Harold No, that's not a giant cockroach. This is a giant cockroach.
Chester Oh, my... (Screaming)
Harold I think he's here for Bunnicula, yeah.
Chester What makes you think that?
Giant Cockroach Bunnicula.
Harold Oh, sure, I know him. Are you a friend of his?
Giant Cockroach Bunnicula!
Chester (Moaning) Help me.
Harold Aw, don't eat Chester, man.
Chester (Yelling)
Harold That's gross.
Chester Ugh. That's it! I can't take it anymore! Bunnicula always attracts monsters like this. We'll bring you to Bunnicula. But then you have to get out of our house!
Giant Cockroach Bunnicula!
Bunnicula (Purring)
Mina You like this key, don't you Bun-Bun? My great Aunt Marie said it was magically protected to keep it out of the wrong hands.
Bunnicula (Laughing)
Mina But, if I hadn't used it, I would never have found you now, would I?
Bunnicula (Laughing)
Chester Psst! (Whispering) Hey!
Harold Hey, Bunnic.
Chester Don't be cute. Who is this creepy guy? Ah!
Giant Cockroach Bunnicula!
Bunnicula (Speaking gibberish) (Cackling)
Harold Bye.
Mina Chester! Harold! Bed time!
Harold Oh, bed time. I've been waiting all day for bedtime!
Chester I can't deal with this anymore. Bunnicula has turned our lives into a horror show. All these crazy monsters are attracted to him.
Mina Come on, Harold. Come on, boy!
Mina and Harold (Laughing)
Mina Hey, Chester. But... But, where's Bunnicula?
Bunnicula (Speaking gibberish)
Mina There you are, you crazy little rabbit.
Chester Sometimes, I wish Mina just left Bunnicula locked in that chamber in the cellar.
Mina Oh, Bunnicula, you are so funny! You funny little bunny.
Chester That's it. That key is the answer to the problem.
Harold (Chuckling)
Chester Harold?
Harold Yeah, Chesty?
Chester Yeah, don't call me Chesty. Look, I'm gonna need your help with something in the morning. We're gonna take care of this Bunnicula problem. Once and for all.
Harold Okay. Night-night.
Arthur Monroe Lights out, Mina, it's late!
Mina Goodnight, guys. Goodnight, Dad! (Snoring)
Harold, Bunnicula and Chester (Snoring)
Bunnicula (Stomach rumbling) Hungry, hungry. (Speaking gibberish) (Laughing) Hungry, hungry, hungry. (Laughing) (Grunting) (Cooing)
Rooster (Crowing)
Bunnicula (Snarling)
Harold (Snoring)
Chester Sorry, Mina, I need to borrow your key. Harold, wake up.
Harold That's not real bacon.
Chester You know what? I'm probably better off doing this on my own.
Harold Sir!
Chester Ah!
Harold Harold the dog reporting for covert operations, Chester, sir!
Chester What the heck, man? Do you even know what "covert" means?
Harold Nope.
Chester It means quiet.
Harold (Yelling) Reporting for quiet operations, sir!
Chester Uh, what's happening? Okay, that's weird. That's weird, it's a uh, bit of a box. (Chuckling Nervously) Box is floating. Don't know what's in the box. Not sure I want to.
Harold (Sniffing) Oh, it's a cool little monkey statue. (Laughing) This is the most covert operation ever! Chester, it's shaking. It's shaking a lot, now!
Chester Put it down. Put it down!
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