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Orlock Apartments is where Mina and her dad live. Mina's father owns the property as stated in season 1, episode 24 "Dating for Dummies".

The latter may indicate Orlock is their familial surname.


It was built in 1833, with the intent of being used as a summer home for vampires, though other odd individuals both human and non-human alike ended up taking rent there over the ages (most constantly of all, Mr. Molesbee in room 13).[1]

Bunnicula and Dracula used to live in Dracula's castle, until somebody captured him and locked him in a casket. 

Mina's Aunt Marie used to live in the building, but before she died, she trapped Bunnicula in a casket for reasons unknown and left it's key to Mina. Eventually, Arthur and Mina inherited the building and moved into it.