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Party Animal is a minor character of Bunnicula.



When he is his fun loving perky self, he looks like a human sized, cyan colored striped cat with horns in place of his ears and a goatee. He wears a pink Hawaiian tourist t-shirt decorated with alien heads, and carries his large sound system in a purple suitcase.

When his party is pooped, his bright fur color is dull and grayish, he has bags under his eyes, and his posture is more slumped then his usual, perky self is.


When he is his full party-loving self, he has the attitude of a hyperactive DJ, and seems to be well aware enough of the party permit law to convince the police into not interfering on his good time. Being an embodiment of party fun, he likes loud music, dance contests, and party food like ants on a log, but he hates having to cut the fun short at midnight... in fact, if he had his way, the party will go on until dawn, even if he has to magically enchant the guests into nonstop dancing against their will to see it happen. Unfortunately for him, if someone is boring enough to be a party pooper (like Chester), his magic comes undone, which is why he cranks up the volume on his DJ equiptment to full blast in an effort to start up the party all over again, and feels nervous when Bunnicula found a way to make himself supernaturally boring enough to poop his party for good.

Once the fun is drained out of him, he is tired and dull, and all he wants to do is get to bed so he could wake up early and do laundry, which Chester calls a "responsible" improvement.

Episode Appearances


  • While he looks nothing like the same species, he is no doubt inspired by the Party Animal that was rented for a Halloween party in "Laugh of the Party", as every good party needs one to liven things up.
  • He also has some resemblance to James P. "Sully" Sullivan from "Monsters Inc.", though with more then a few hints of the personality of guy's scaring assistant and best friend Mike Wazowski.
  • The Party Animal's DJ equipment forces the party guests to dance against their will, which gives him a vibe almost akin to the Pied Piper (or his Ever After High daughter, Melody Piper, who is also a DJ).


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