Renée Acoutrément is a minor character of Bunnicula and was chef.


Not much is known of her human life, other than the fact that Renée was once a well-known chef who had many famous recipes. At some point, she would die of unspecified causes.

During her ghost life, she would come to know the vampire bunny Bunnicula and they would become good friends.

She appears in Ghost Chef, where she is summoned by Bunnicula who ignored Chester's protests of the act. At first, Renée seems rather pleasant until she notices Mina cooking a disaster of her recipe but keeps it to herself. She insists on staying to undo the latter's mistakes and has Harold and Bunnicula help out while Chester refuses to partake in the activities but tells Renée not to reveal herself to Mina who freak out at seeing a ghost. As Renée cooked, she had fun and started to show a perfectionist side to her meals. However, she is angry to overhear Mina suggesting that she should add bananas to the recipe.

Renée soon tries to attack Mina while her pets hold her at bay with her weakness of salt and save an oblivious Mina from other attacks. While hidden, she overhears that Mina's suggestion to bananas was delicious and after the girl leaves, she is surprised but decides to test this conclusion. Renée was very surprised when Mina's suggestion for a new recipe turned out to be accurate and complimented the girl's intuition. She also decided to add salt to balance the tastes, just as Mina's pets appeared armed with large quantities of salt for her. She surrenders and meekly tells them to add the salt, to which Chester does. Afterwards, she apologizes for her bad behavior and trying to hurt their owner, before going back to the afterlife.



She does not take criticism well, as she became vengeful towards Mina Monroe after she thought of adding a new item to her recipe. She was intent on cooking Mina, over a trivial comment.

However, she was very surprised when the latter's suggestion for a new recipe turned out to be accurate and she had to compliment the girl's intuition. She also apologized to Mina's pets for her behavior and trying to hurt their owner, showing that she isn't evil.

Episode Appearances


  • Her surname indicates that she is either originally from France or of French descent.


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