Russell is a young boy who was cursed for not eating his vegetables.


When Russell was human, he didn't want to eat any of his brussell sprouts, despite the warnings of his mother as well as those of his cursed father and siblings about the evil Old Mother Cupboard. Russell was visited by Mother Cupboard, shocked she was real and was cursed by her to be a plant-man as punishment. The only way he could lift the curse, was by getting someone to eat a sprout or else he'd change into a pile of brussell sprouts.

Sometime later, Russell went to the farmer's market and met Mina, who he believed could help him lift the curse. With Bunnicula, Chester, and Harold's help, Mina ate a Brussel sprout and Russell was transformed back into a human. Happy to be normal again, he thanked the pets for their help and told them to tell Mina to come to the market to see him again as he left for his home.[1]


When Russell was human, he had brown hair and freckles. His outfit consisted of a red jacket, gray jeans, a white T-shirt with a blue oval, and black sneakers.

After becoming cursed, his skin has become green colored while his hair changed into that of a plant. As a result of his cursed, pieces of his body turn into brussell sprouts.


As seen in the flashback, he was very defiant and refused to eat brussell sprouts. He seemed oblivious or disregarded the fact that his father and siblings were cursed to be living vegetables, only believing it when he was cursed.

While cursed, he became deadpan in his fate and regretted the choices that led to his now sad life. He only yearned to be human again and worked hard to get his curse lifted.

Once he was turned back to human form, Russell was excited to be normal again and thanked the pets for helping him. He also promised to treat Mina at the market again, as gratitude for their aid.

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  • Unlike Mina, he could communicate with her pets but this might because he was cursed.
  • His name ironically rhymes with Brussell, half of the name his least favorite food.
  • He may have a crush on Mina.


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